Now Wireless and Cloud-based

The Tools You Need, Now Within Reach

With Collaborant’s wireless cloud-based monitoring solution virtually any enterprise — regardless of size — can afford predictive maintenance. You can access data and reports from any computer worldwide. There’s no need to be near the sensor or even onsite.

Data acquisition
Monitoring asset in remote location
Man using colloaborant predictive maintenance tools      

cost-effective predictive maintenance

Cost Effectively Monitor Equipment Attach battery-powered sensors to monitors and link wirelessly to the cloud. You don't buy, install, or maintain your own sensors and software. You pay a per-sensor monthly fee instead — predictable, no matter how many motors you monitor, or how often.

cost saving predictive maintenance

Why Use Predictive Maintenance? Predictive maintenance can be a great cost saver. You avoid unnecessary service costs and spot equipment problems early — eliminating costly repairs and disruptions to business. On-location monitoring is expensive. You need to purchase and maintain equipment as well as pay a technician to visit each piece of in-service equipment you monitor.

how predictive maintenance works

How It Works You simply attach the magnetic base of the sensor to a motor and start collecting and analyzing the motor's performance data on any web browser. Whether you monitor one motor or thousands, monitoring the performance never degrades and you receive instant alerts if a monitored value on any motor exceeds a set threshold.