About Collaborant

We made predictive maintenance affordable and scalable

We believe that predictive maintenance should be available to any organization no matter how small. We also believe that big enterprises, just because they’re big, should not have to overpay for predictive maintenance. That’s why we are the first company to harness the cloud and mobile so that any company can do predictive maintenance every day from anywhere while seeing their monitoring costs per machine scale down as the number of machines monitored scales up.

Meet Our Executive Team

Tim Hadden
Co-founder and CEO

Tim brings 25 years of leading entrepreneurial and executive experience in the high technology industry. Prior to launching Collaborant Solutions he co-founded Magnum Technologies which was acquired by Quest Software (now part of Dell). Tim began his Career at Northwest Airlines and Target Corporation.

Tim earned his Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from Minnesota State University.

Tim is an expert in helping companies realize their potential for growth and profitability by identifying key opportunities for leveraging human and technology resources to create breakout solutions whether for internal product or Software as a Service applications. When not hard at work you’ll find Tim enjoying boating and spending time with his family.

Robert Schilling
Co-founder and CTO

Robert brings 15 years of experience designing high-tech leading edge solutions for both commercial products and Software as a Service solutions. Robert’s professional experience encompasses Internet of Things, manufacturing, supply chain, healthcare, IT infrastructure support, web application security, and IT consulting. Robert is focused on leveraging technologies such as mobile, cloud, social, IOT and analytics to support business users. He is an advocate for building software that makes the underlying technology transparent and serves the needs of the business.

Robert holds a BS in Information Technology degree from Capella University where he graduated summa cum laude.

His former professional affiliations include Polaris Industries, UnitedHealth Group, Quest Software, and Magnum Technologies.

When not hard at work, Robert enjoys bowling and spending time with family and friends.

Robert Schilling (left) and Tim Hadden