The Collaborant Solution

How It Works

The Collaborant solution consists of a sensor package and cloud-based dashboard. The sensor package includes a microprocessor, accelerometer, and a modem. The sensor package communicates with the dashboard via the cellular network, similar to how a smartphone connects to a website. The user logs onto the Collaborant dashboard to do any of the following:


Solution Highlights

  • Measure vibration acceleration in Gs
  • Measure velocity in millimeters per second or inches per second
  • View velocity acceleration
  • Store all data and reports indefinitely in the cloud
  • Analyze trends over time
  • Export all data for further analysis
  • No wires — sensors connect to the cloud via the cellular network
  • Access data and reports from any computer worldwide
  • Monitor any number of sensors anywhere in the world simultaneously
  • Monitor all sensors remotely (no need to be near the sensor or even onsite)
  • Long battery life (up to 2 years with weekly sampling)
  • Easily monitor machines as often as you want for increased reliability
  • Easy upgradability — as we continually add new capabilities no new hardware to buy or install
  • Predictable expense control — pay a low monthly fee based on number of sensors
  • No hardware to buy or maintain — we handle everything including sensors and batteries that need replacement
  • Customer support — if there's ever an issue, just contact us through the customer support page

Sample Charts

It's easy to generate a wide range of charts and reports that show how your equipment is running in real time and over an extended period of time. Users can set their own monitoring thresholds and monitoring intervals, or select default values for a given type of motor or application. The solution comes with built-in libraries of recommended vibration limits at various power settings for major motor manufacturers and models.

FFT spectral plot of waveform data.

A scale set at 0 to 1000Hz is commonly used to assess and diagnose machine health.

      Raw waveform data, preferred by some maintenance professionals.